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Costa da Morte: beauties and mysteries of the western Galicia

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It is the west of the West. The last line of ground before crossing to America. The first point of the continent that sailors sight when they come from the other side of the ocean. It is a limit, a strip, a beyond. Many are the conditions that make this part of Galicia a magical and mystical place.

Surely the traveler coming to Galicia, before arriving here, would imagine many places of the Costa da Morte. Its articulated coast, its wild nature, rough seas ... are some of the iconic images of Galicia. Also his name will be one of those that will sounds very Galician to the tourist, such as the Rias (Altas and Baixas), or Ancares, Courel, Ribeira Sacra, Mariñas ... All these and Costa da Morte are perhaps the destinations most recognizable -apart from the cities- of the Galician territory.

On this coast of the province of A Coruña we will find high cliffs, wild beaches, coves and several strands such as Finisterre, Touriñán and Vilan.

Its unique geographical position influences a very characteristic landscape and people. It invites to observate, to walk, to meditate... and to discover a very different reality that in their day to day most visitors live. There are few areas in the world comparable to the Costa da Morte. Its scenic beauty and its strong identity are signs of a unique and special area.

Legends, beaches, nature, history, marine culture, strong Galicia identity ... these and other things are what we will find visiting Costa da Morte.


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