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A Coruña and Golfo Ártabro

The essential city of A Coruña, its scientific museums, Maria Pita Square, the Tower of Hercules, the promenade, the Marina... The Castle of Santa Cruz, the beautiful Pazo de Mariñán, the historic town of Pontedeume and Fragas do Eume Natural Park are essential points that you must not miss.

65,00 € Book

The last 100km of the Camino de Santiago

From 495€ per person. Check prices and availability. 

7 days 6 nights

Walk the last 100 km of the Camino from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela. You will be able to enjoy the amazing landscape of the inland Galicia, and you will have all facilities. 

495,00 € Book

Tour Baixo Miño

A trip to southern Galicia, the border between two countries, Portugal and Spain. The tour runs along beautiful coastal landscapes, monasteries facing the Atlantic, Celtic culture and heritage and a typical cuisine inherited from both cultures: Baiona, Oia, A Guarda, Santa Tecla, Valença do Miño.

65,00 € Book

Vigo, the most populous city in Galicia

Vigo´s location sees it expanding around the Ria de Vigo (bay of Vigo)and initially the most noticeable features of this location are, the motorway (on which you travel) as it arcs its way around, and often aabove the city, and the massive port side developments.

15,00 € Book

Tour to Santiago from Vigo, A Coruña, Vilagarcía or Ferrol

If you don't know Santiago de Compostela, this is your tour. It is a must-see destination with so much to offer. Beyond its valuable artistic and architectural heritage, Santiago is a vibrant and lively city, goal of pilgrims from around the world, with a dynamic university, a friendly atmosphere and amazing food.

65,00 € Book

Private guided tour to Santiago de Compostela

Discover Santiago de Compostela, World's Heritage Site by UNESCO, on a private tour with one of our official tour guides. You will go through the most emblematic streets of the old town, such as Franco or Vilar, as well as the squares of the Cathedral: Obradoiro, Inmaculada, Quintana and Platerías. 


20,00 € Book

Pontevedra, following the Portuguese Way. Private Tour

Located on the banks of the river Lerez, this beautiful medieval town has one of the best preserve historical collections of Galicia. The city is a great unknown that hides treasures around every corner.

15,00 € Book

Ourense, the Thermal City. Private Tour.

Ourense, on the banks of the Miño River, is the capital of the only Galician province with no maritime coastline. In the past, the place attracted the Romans for the abundance of gold and the numerous hot springs. The best known are The Burgas, in the city center, in which water flows at a temperature of 60-67 ºC. You will also be amazed by its stunning heritage and monuments.

15,00 € Book

A Coruña, Lighthouse on the Atlantic

The city of A Coruña is a natural balcony on the Atlantic. Its sea facing promenade, one of the longest in Europe, runs around the isthmus that forms the city.


15,00 € Book

Day-trip to Cíes Islands

Cíes Islands is a wonderful National Park with one of the most beautiful beaches in the world: the beach of Rodas. Including guided walking tour in the island!

65,00 € Book

Day-trip to Ons Island

Private Day-trip to Ons Island, in the National Park of the Atlantic Islands. It includes a guided hiking tour around the island!


65,00 € Book

Lugo, searching for the roman traces. Private Tour

Price per group (Max. 10 people). Entrances not included.

Feel the footprints of the Romans under your feet walking along Lugo's Wall, the best preserved of the Peninsula and a World Heritage Site. A city founded in the year 14 B.C. by Paulus Fabius Maximus that became the seat of a conventus and a very important town during the Roman period.

15,00 € Book

Ribeira Sacra: landscapes, art and viticulture.

An unforgettable journey through the Romanesque architecture and the incredible landscapes of the interior of Galicia. 

Flexible, if you want to change something do not hesitate, we know the area and we will adapt it to your tastes. Free cancellation.

Tailor-made route, in private. Price per group, from 65€ per person. Check availability and ask for quotation. 

65,00 € Book

Camino de Santiago, the yoga way

From 1550€

Don't miss an incredible opportunity to walk the Camino de Santiago and practice yoga at the same time!


1.550,00 € Book

Getaway: 3 or 5 days "Parador Costa da Morte" & "O Camiño dos Faros".

From 320€ per person. Check prices and availability. 

3 or 5 days / 2 or 4 nights program

An exceptional route with unique accommodation!

Hiking, Nature and Relax on the most natural Galician coast.

320,00 € Book

Getaway: 2 or 3 nights. North Coast of Galicia

Breathtaking cliffs, incredible lighthouses in unique landscapes ...

From 180€ per person. Check prices and availability. 

A trip designed to discover the north of the provinces of A Coruña and Lugo; between the Costa Ártabra and the Mariña lucense, far from crowds, where you will discover the highest cliffs of the peninsula, the oldest rocks, beaches that look like cathedrals, ancient pilgrimage sites and the well-known "most beautiful bench in the world". Besides enjoying an incredible gastronomy.

180,00 € Book

Getaway to "Ribeira Sacra". Viticulture, Landscape and History

From 225€ per person. Check prices and availability.

3 or 4 days program. Totally flexible and customizable.

Tour of one of the most fascinating areas of the interior of Galicia.

With Food & Wine and cultural activities.

225,00 € Book

Getaway: 2/3 nights "Gastronomy and Atlantic culture in Rías Baixas".

From 320€ per person. Check prices and availability. 

Duration: 3 or 4 days

Boat trip along the Ría de Arousa, Albariño Winery, Pazos, Historical Gardens or a Gallician cooking class. Exceptional hotels. 

320,00 € Book

Fishing techniques in Rías Baixas

In the morning we'll take a boat and do a tour in those areas of Rías Baixas where we can see and understand how seafood and fish grow and is caught in this very productive coast; then time for lunch and in the afternoon we'll visit a typical galician manor house and do an scenic driving along some of the most picturesque sites of Rías Baixas 

55,00 € Book

Tapas Tour in Santiago de Compostela. Private Tour.

With our guides you will discover the essential bars of Compostela old town, enjoying in small doses the Galician culinary specialties, and reaching out local people and their habits. 

From 50€ per person. Check prices and availability. 

50,00 € Book

Tour in sailing boat Joaquín Vieta

Enjoy this extraordinay opportunity of a tour around the Muros and Noia Estuary abord the most antique sailing boat of Galicia.

45,00 € Book

Getaway to "O Ribeiro": 3 days. Viticulture, history and landscape.

From 240€ per person. Check prices and availability. 

Duration: 3 days - 2 nights

Stones that speak of a millenary wine culture, exquisite gastronomy, landscapes, heritage... 
Two nights in the "Casal de Armán Hospedaje Rural", with a magnificent wine cellar and the restaurant "Sábrego".

Accompanied by professionals. More information here...

240,00 € Book

Tour of the Lighthouses

Private day trip, customizable. 

Impressive natural sights, rugged landscape, mythical locations of seafaring essence which are the setting for stories and legends. An attractive excursion exploring some of the most emblematic places of the Costa da Morte: lighthouses, capes, estuaries, picturesque fishing harbours accustomed to the roaring and wild Atlantic Ocean.

65,00 € Book

Camino of Finisterre and Muxía.

According to tradition, many pilgrims believed and still believe that the Camino de Santiago is not complete without reaching, after walking about 4 stages and a total of almost 90 km, the so-called "end of the world", Finisterre.

Get to know the Costa da Morte with this 5-night program in which you will discover, in addition to the famous Cape Finisterre, towns with a great Jacobean tradition and important historical and artistic heritage, as well as small and picturesque towns and villages scattered along the Camino, which will surely surprise you. 

From 550€ per person. Private and flexible. Check prices and availability. 


550,00 € Book

Camino Vía de la Plata from Ourense

The Vía de la Plata, also known as the Mozarabic Way, is an ancient Roman route that started in Seville and crossed many important points of this empire such as Mérida or Astorga, connecting from south to north the then called Hispania. Today, this Jacobean route serves as a pilgrimage route for thousands of pilgrims coming from the south of the Peninsula. 

Discover part of this ancient route with us, starting from Ourense and with a total of 5 stages in which we will find many surprises along the way. Hidden monasteries and chapels, breathtaking landscapes and charming cities like Ourense or Lalín, where you can also taste the renowned local cuisine. 

From 650€ per person. Private and felxible. Check prices and availability. 

650,00 € Book

Day trip to Baiona, Castro de Santa Tecla and O Rosal

1 day tour

Immerse yourself in history with this exciting tour. Landscape, culture, history and gastronomy 


65,00 € Book

Getaway: 2 nights "A Coruña, Modernism and Gastronomy".


Hotel in the city center 2 nights + MEGA Museum + Gastronomy and Modernism Route

From 185€ per person. Check prices and availability. 

185,00 € Book

Getaway: 2 or 3 nights. Compostela & Xacobeo 21-22

Holy Year, Culture, Gastronomy and Wellness. Any year is a good year to visit this universal city, but without a doubt the fact that we are celebrating the Holy Year and its consequent Xacobeo, this time for two consecutive years, makes it a unique occasion. More culture, more activities, more experiences to enjoy. And of course the chance to win the Jubilee. 

From 150€ per person. Check prices and availability. 

150,00 € Book

Guided tour of the Cathedral Rooftop and Carraca Tower + Cathedral + Museum

Compostela from above. An amazing and unique perspective of the Cathedral and the city.

From 24€ per person. Check prices and availability. 

24,00 € Book

Contemporary arquitecture in Santiago.

The urban transformation that the city of Compostela has experienced in recent years has left us works of architects such as Siza, Hedjuk, Kleyhuss, Eisenman, Gallego Jorreto, López Cotelo, García Abril, Portela and others.

155,00 € Book