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The Galician summer is here. And with it, all parties and festivals arrive.

To be "festivalero" is a way to enjoy culture. It is a way to have concerns about the music, worry about knowing the history, and enjoy sharing experiences among locals and visitors. A "festivalero" is a fusion of the tourist who travels and the tourist who receives. It's a mindset. Learn from others and show them the own culture. Enjoy the summer ritual touring the various towns and cities. Discover the landings of northern peoples in antiquity, for example in the Viking landing of Catoira. Play a role in the Irmandiños revolt organized in the castle of Monterrei. Travel to Roman Gallaecia in the Arde Lucus, remember Julio Brutus and his troops crossing the Limia River in Xinzo Esquecemento party...

The "festivalero" plans during the winter for what will come in the summer. On those nights of queimada, coffee liqueur or Cabreiroá during the cold months, we dream up about those magical moments under the moon and the summer sun. With the O.D. Rias Baixas wine at the Albariño party, with the Octopus fest in Carballiño, with the tuna of Burela, with the Carril clams... mmmm!!!

It is true that this is not a particular characteristic of Galician, as the "festivalero" way of life is something international. But we can say that our offer of festivals, food fests or popular fests has a particular charm that annually attracts more and more people from all over the world. A clear example of this global intercom is our Ortigueira Festival. There, we say to all those English, Italian, Argentinian, German, Chinese or Nigerians what is the meaning of being Galician and our pleasure to invite them home.