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The best "bank" in the world

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In the small town of San Julián de Loiba (Ortigueira, La Coruña), we find Loiba's Cliffs, located between Espasante Port and Estaca de Bares Cape, which is the northernmost point of the Iberian Peninsula.

Because of its scenic beauty, Loiba's Cliffs manage to attract a great number of visitors each year. At the foot of the cliffs, we find narrow sandbanks, accessible by going down through the small paths. We also find "furnas", small caves which are formed by the beating of the waves on the wall of the cliff. The most famous "furna" is known as Penafurada.















However, what has drawn about 40.000 people this summer to the cliffs is the famous bench, already considered as "the best bench of the world" by the Ministery of Industry, Energy and Tourism.

In 2009, Rafael Prieto Fernández, inhabitant of Loiba, decided to place a wooden bench on the edge of the cliff. Someone wrote down "the best bank of the world" in it, and its existence went viral, increasing the number of visitors.















It is one of the most photographed benches, and it has already participated in the Proyect TWAN (The World At Night), a photography contest that wants to make known the best nocturnal landscapes of the world. Dani Caxete, a photographer from Viveiro, is the author of this picture, which has enlarged the fame of the Bench of Loiba.




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