Camino de Santiago from León. 11 days in the best hotels.

Camino de Santiago from León. 11 days in the best hotels.

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Camino de Santiago from León. 11 days in the best hotels.

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A wonderful tour, starting in León, crossing El Bierzo and walking the Galician section of the French Way, from O Cebreiro to Santiago. Accommodation in exceptional lodgings, enjoying the best gastronomy and with assistance along the way.


Day 1: León

Arrival in León and accommodation at the magnificent Parador San Marcos, one of the great architectural treasures of Spain, recently renovated. In the afternoon, a visit to the historic center is a must, our guide will explain two essential monuments such as the Cathedral and San Isidoro. You will be impressed by the colors of the best stained glass windows in Spain and the paintings of the Royal Pantheon. This evening we recommend a stroll through the wet district and a dinner of tapas and raciones in one or more of the many bars in this lively part of the city.

Day 2: León - Astorga - Ponferrada - Cacabelos

Today we are not going to walk yet, this day will serve as a great introduction to the Camino experience. With our guide you will visit incredible places where the Camino has marked the life, history and economy. We start with a stop in Astorga, where we will discover Gaudí's Palace, the Cathedral, its walls, Plaza Mayor and also the enormous love of this small city for chocolate and "mantecadas". We are in the heart of Maragatería, an ancestral region where there are still villages that are preserved as they were centuries ago, one of the best examples is "Castrillo de Polvazares", of course we will make a stop to visit it. From here we start the ascent to Rabanal del Camino, Foncebadón, La Cruz de Ferro, Manjarín, El Acebo, Molinaseca.... Each town and village with centuries of history behind them, in an imposing landscape where the footprint of the pilgrims can be seen in every corner. We arrive at Ponferrada, dominated by the Templar Castle, and we enter the region of Bierzo, where we will spend the night. We choose for tonight a unique place, the Palacio de Canedo. This accommodation asks for a little time to enjoy it, stroll through the vineyards that surround it and enjoy its gastronomy.

Day 3: Cacabelos - Vega de Valcarce- O Cebreiro. 12 km.

Today you start your route on foot; after a short journey by car you will arrive to Vega de Valcarce. From this point to the village of O Cebreiro are barely 12 kilometers. Although the distance is short do not be too confident, it is a demanding stage that should be taken calmly. The climb is continuous and sometimes quite steep, however the scenery and the symbolism of the stage compensate for it. We leave behind the community of León and enter Galicia. From the top of the mountain the landscape is majestic, O Cebreiro is a beautiful village of prehistoric origin, which still retains its pallozas, - traditional architecture of this mountain area - and where you can visit the church of Santa Maria la Real, from the IX century. After regaining strength and getting our first stamp we head to the beautiful rural tourism house where we will spend the night.


Day 4: O Cebreiro - Triacastela . 21km

In O Cebreiro starts the Galician section of the French Way and does so at an altitude of 1,300 meters, with more than 150 kilometers to the Cathedral of Santiago. You leave towards Liñares, descending for about 3 kilometers and then ascending. Keep in mind the continuous ups and downs, so it is advisable to take it easy and enjoy the scenery during the walk. At the top of San Roque, at 1,270 meters, you are greeted by the statue of a pilgrim and continuing the route you will reach the place of Hospital da Condesa, which owes its name to the hospital founded in the ninth century by the Countess of Gatón to care for medieval pilgrims.It is worth mentioning its Church of San Xoan, and the views from the Alto do Poio at an altitude of more than 1,300 meters. We will pass through Biduedo, from where we begin a gentle descent of 7km to Triacastela, right here our hotel awaits us, time to rest and enjoy the pilgrim atmosphere that lives in this town.

Day 5: Triacastela - Sarria. 18 km

Today you have two alternatives to the departure from Triacastela, both marked, by Samos or by San Xil; you will choose the second one, not only for being the shortest but also for being the one with less asphalt, besides you will cross some of the most beautiful valleys of the whole route. You will find small villages of Jacobean tradition, such as A Balsa, Montán, Calvor and San Mamede do Camiño. There are some steep slopes during the walk. On arrival in Sarria you will easily find your hotel in the center.

Day 6: Sarria - Portomarín. 23 km

The town of Sarria in Lugo is for many the starting point of the French Way, since from here the 100 kilometers, necessary to get the Compostela, would be completed. As we depart we will cross the bridge of A Áspera and the train track will accompany us for 1 kilometer, towards Barbadelo and with the hardest slope of the stage. Forests, streams, pastures and villages will accompany your walk, beautiful stage that ends in Portomarín, where you enter crossing the long bridge and climbing the stairs of As Neves. The staircase is one of the favorite places of the pilgrims to take a picture of arrival in the village. The afternoon can be spent in the square, next to the church, surrounded by many bars that create a great atmosphere between locals and pilgrims. Accommodation in the center.

Day 7: Portomarín - Palas de Rei. 25 km.

From Portomarín we cross the dam and begin a moderate ascent through Monte Santo Antonio to Gonzar, located 8 km from the starting point, with the church of Santa María and a public pilgrims' hostel. The next village is Castromaior, where there is a Romanesque temple and the remains of an ancient pre-Roman castro. We continue along roads and small asphalted tracks, crossing villages until we reach Palas de Rei. Here we will be picked up and transferred to a beautiful rural house.

Day 8: Palas de Rei - Castañeda 22 km

The route starts in Palas de Rei through the Campo dos Romeiros, towards the villages of Carballal and San Xulián. The journey continues alternating slopes until leaving the province of Lugo and entering A Coruña through the place of O Coto, 8.5 km away from the start. Between villages, some industrial buildings and rural tracks, we reach the medieval bridge of Furelos and Melide, where we will find the most famous "pulperías" of the route, a good excuse to make a stop and regain strength. We continue in a continuous up and down until we reach Castañeda, here we conclude the stage and move to our accommodation for today.

Day 9: Castañeda - Pedrouzo. 25 km

We pick up the route from where we left off yesterday. This stage is not very complicated and with little slopes; we advance along long forest tracks, crossing forests and meadows. We follow, as in the previous stage, the axis of the national road N-547: caution when crossing it. Arrival at O Pedrouzo, where we will be picked up and transferred to our accommodation.

Day 10: Pedrouzo - Santiago de Compostela

On the verge of reaching the finish line and culminating the experience, the last stage of the French Way begins in Pedrouzo (O Pino) towards Santo Antón, along an uphill route that leads to Lavacolla. This point, 9.5 kilometers from the beginning of the journey, is the entrance to Santiago de Compostela and from there you start towards the well-known Monte do Gozo. The remaining route is urban and goes through the neighborhoods of San Lázaro and San Pedro, ending at the well-known Porta do Camiño. Entering the old part of Santiago de Compostela, a few minutes away, the Plaza de Cervantes leads to the Cathedral through the door of the Acibechería. Waiting for the pilgrim, of course, is the iconic Praza do Obradoiro, on the facade of the temple of Compostela, and in the same square is the old pilgrims' hospital, now converted into the best and most famous hotel in the city, the Parador de los Reyes Católicos, where we will stay.

Day 11: Santiago de Compostela and end of services.

After breakfast we will take the opportunity to get to know the city, pick up our well-deserved "Compostela" at the Pilgrim's Office, and fulfill all or part of the rituals in this special year: Pilgrim's Mass, entrance through the Holy Door, embrace the Apostle.... You finish your "Camino" and return home, with the desire to repeat the experience... as there are still many roads to be walked.


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