Vigo, the most populous city in Galicia

Vigo, the most populous city in Galicia

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Vigo, the most populous city in Galicia

Vigo´s location sees it expanding around the Ria de Vigo (bay of Vigo)and initially the most noticeable features of this location are, the motorway (on which you travel) as it arcs its way around, and often aabove the city, and the massive port side developments.

Availability: upon request with advance notice of 72 hours. Rates vary depending on number of people and the day of booking.

Route: Berbés, Castrelos Park, Museum and Gardens of Pazo de Quiñones de León, Samil, Monte del Castro, Mercado de la Piedra.

Duration: Flexible 

Difficulty: Easy. 

From 15€ per person. Check prices and availability. 

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