A Coruña, Lighthouse on the Atlantic

A Coruña, Lighthouse on the Atlantic

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A Coruña, Lighthouse on the Atlantic

The city of A Coruña is a natural balcony on the Atlantic. Its sea facing promenade, one of the longest in Europe, runs around the isthmus that forms the city leading in A Coruña´s most famous symbol, the Tower of Hercules, ancient roman lighthouse declared a World Heritage Site. 


Availability: on request with advance notice of 72 hours. Rates vary depending on number of people and the day of booking.

Route: Tower of Hercules, Domus Museum, Monte de San Pedro, San Carlos Gardens, Seafront Promenade, María Pita Square, romanesque churches of Santiago and Saint Mary, Castle of San Antón.

Duration: Flexible 

Difficulty: Easy. 

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